Oktaset for NDC2011

Oktaset for NDC2011 is now available for iPhone/iPad and Android, and we expect Microsoft to approve our release for Phone7 in a few days.

We have been working hard to give you the best possible mobile experience for planning your sessions and view information about sessions and speakers. In the version for iPhone and iPad, you can follow the ndc2011 twitterstream, post tweets directly from the app, and share your conference experience on the Oktaset Facebook-wall.

During the conference, the Oktaset-crew will be onsite to make sure that changes in the agenda is posted to our back end “in the cloud”, and the apps will get the updated information. Your information will always be up to date. No more running around wondering what happens next.

Plan your days while commuting, at home or any other place you prefer by tapping the session-stars, and get you own schedule with just the sessions of your interest. All for free.

You’ll find the download details for each app after the screenshots below.

Download from appstore

Dowload iPhone/iPad app from the AppStore!

Download Android app from the Android Market!

Available soon… (Read more below.)

The Windows Phone 7 planner is awaiting aproval in the WP7 Marketplace, and should be available for download soon.
For those without access to WP7 marketplace, or don’t want to wait, you can download the xap-file from http://oktaset.blob.core.windows.net/wp7/NDC2011.xap and install it on your developer-unlocked WP7 Phone with the Deployment tool from the WP7 SDK (Start -> Windows Phone Developer Tools -> Application Deployment).

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