Statoil WellSpot

WellSpot is a software solution developed for Statoil to improve well head fatigue management. In 2011, Statoil contracted 4Subsea for the project, with KodeCompagniet and Puzzlepart as delivery partners.​​​​​​​

Better Fatigue Management


Statoil wanted to streamline data collection and analysis jobs in relation to operations on the subsea well heads.

To perform structural analysis jobs, accurate data is needed. WellSpot supports the data collection process for different data areas needed in the analysis. This includes data about the well head, data about the soil surrounding the well head, information about historic and planned operations on the well, information about the vessel performing an operation on the well, and weather at the time of the operation. Less accurate data leads to conservative results in analysis.

The WellSpot client streamlines data entry and work processes for these data areas and also visualizes the data in an intuitive user interface.​


Vessel Data


Statoil continuously contract mobile drilling units to perform various maintenance and exploration operations on the wells they operate

As the vessels involved are only contracted for specific operations, there is need for a repository for maintaining important information about these vessels over time. Information about the technical characteristics of vessels is important for doing structural analysis and planning of new operations.


Metocean data powered by The Cloud


To perform analysis on the fatigue impact of drilling and workover operations, data about ocean conditions are needed.

For historic operations, data about the ocean conditions at the time of the operation is needed. For planned operations, data about the historic ocean conditions is needed to perform analyses of operational limits. Data about the weather in the north sea back to 1959 is stored in the solution. This amounts to large data volumes, and Windows Azure Storage allows for efficient and cost effective storage of these data. Statistical calculations are done using the compute capabilities of the Azure cloud services.

Project Delivery


The project was delivered in close cooperation with Statoil, and Scrum was used as project methodology.

Statoil had a clear vision for the delivery and selected a delivery partner with a strong blend of domain, technology and delivery capabilities.

The project fully embraced Scrum as the methodology. Statoil was active in the delivery, and the close cooperation that Scrum promotes worked well for both parties.​​


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